Monday, April 22, 2013

Laidback Luke and Hardwell unleash "Dynamo"

Laidback Luke and Hardwell.  Two names that are attributed to greatness in the EDM world.  Now you might be asking yourselves "why are you bringing them up?"  Well it turns out these two DJ's have teamed up to make a collaboration!  A collaboration that is filled with pounding bass and amazing synth riffs that will make anyone want to go find a dance floor, rip off their clothes, and start dancing like a man high on meth.  This collaboration was first introduced during Ultra Music Festival and caused an uproar the likes of which have not been seen.  Since then the song has been released on Youtube in the form of one of the coolest music videos I've ever seen (Which can be seen below of course).  Now the dynamic duo have decided it's time to give the EDM world this amazing track.  Dynamo can be downloaded for a cheap price Here (and seriously buy it and support these two amazing DJs).  You won't regret the purchase! 

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